Reverend Virgil Bernard Lockhart, was born in Dallas, to the late Juliette                                                                 Hornsby Lockhart. His mother reared him to fear GOD and respect what                                                                 GOD allows. In 1997 God blessed Reverend Lockhart to find the Jewel of                                                                 a lifetime, He fell in love with this Jewel, the lovely Jennifer Lynn                                                                             Ashley Lockhart and they were married. In 2001 God blessed this union                                                                 with a beautiful daughter, Megan Julia-Abril Lockhart.

                                                               He is a 1990 graduate of the Midwestern State University of Wichita                                                                        Falls, TX. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and a Minor                                                                  in Political Science. He is a graduate of Southern Bible Institute with a

                                                               Masters in Theology. Pastor received his Doctorate Degree in 2012 from                                                                studies at the Criswell Bible College and completion at the School of                                                                        Scripture Accredited Bible Institute.


                                                                In 1992, he united with the Freedom Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Dr. Mack T. Flemmings, Sr. Pastor Lockhart delivered his first Sermon On September 12, 2008 and was ordained December 12, 2008.

Pastor Lockhart is the Vice-Moderator of the Zion Rest District Association, member of the National Baptist Convention of America, Oak Cliff’s Ministers Union, Vice-President of the Metroplex Builders Association and member of the Dallas and Vicinity Ministers Union, where he holds the office as Instructor of Pastor’s Ethics. He has been afforded many accolades and awards.