In June, 1985, 33 chartered Members , including,  Henry & Alberta Ervin, Organizers, Frankie Tennison & Lois Williams, Co-Organizers, were taken in as members of the St. John Missionary Baptist Church by the Rev. Johnny Green in the home of Bro. Henry E. Ervin.  Reverend Tommy Williams was accepted as Interim Pastor and I know that When he led 33 charter members into St John’s first official place of worship; they experienced joy, releif, and thanksgiving. Up to this time they had been meeting in Deacon and Sister Ervin’s home. This memorial march took place on June 9, 1985.  In July 1985 Rev. T. G. Williams became the first official Pastor after serving as interim Pastor.

Don’t you know that the organizing leaders of this great church was such a group of believers that stayed in the word, that they delighted in the law of the Lord, we can see the fruits of their labor, we are experiencing the benefit of their sacrifices, even though  St John had six Pastors in eleven years, namely,  Rev. Tommy Williams, Rev. Waylon Sias, Dr. T. H. Davis(Overseer), Rev. Charles Johnson, Rev. Reginald Jordan, Dr. Michael Jolla,  these believers kept the faith and never forgot that God had it all in control. Don’t you know that God was in control when the roof collapsed on the first building, When another building was sold from under them, God was still in control.  God was in control when Rev. Waylon Silas encouraged the members to build.  God was in control when Rev. T. H. Davis led them into this sanctuary in February 1991. Finally they were here; but in five years two more Pastors came and went.  Each Pastor contributed significantly to the church, but it was praying time at St John. A new day was dawning, like minded people were uniting in prayer. The end of the rainbow was in sight.  Romans 12: 2 state ‘do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will know what God’s good, perfect and pleasing will is.’   In other words do not live according to the style and manner of this present age, but live as if the new age had already arrived.  On August 11, 1996, a renewing of the minds took place, On August 11, 1996, The beginning of the new age for St John arrived, Dr. Michael Angelo Jolla became the Pastor and served 16 years, until GOD saw fit to give him a new assignment. St John Missionary Baptist is a blessed Church; God’s hand has never left us.   Although we have lost great members like Deacon Ervin, Brother  Williams, Brother Dean, Mother Thompson, Mother Ervin  and others, God continues to bless with great members and great Pastors.

The LORD saw fit, on January 15, 2012, to place another Giant of a Preacher to Shepherd St. John in the personality of  Dr. V. B. Lockhart,  a leader who has vision, integrity, and most of all a love for God and His word, and his fellow man.  God promised in his word of Jeremiah 3:15, “that he would give Pastors according to his own heart, that would feed with wisdom and knowledge.”  Once again GOD prepared a shepherd just for the St. John Church Family.  We are excited to see what the future holds, We are presently operating a Soup Kitchen and a Summer Food Service Program for Children.  Many Auxiliaries have been added, and there has certainly been Church Growth.  The LORD gave Pastor Lockhart a Vision, Pastor was obedient to GOD and HE has brought it to fruition.